Rugal Season 2: Release Date, Will this K Drama Release Anytime Soon?

Rugal is famous south- Korean drama which is based on the Webtoon of the same name by Rel. The show focuses on its genre which is Action and Scientific fiction. Probably, the action series are more exciting for the audience and keep them engaged for a longer duration. If we see the title of the show Rugal it means ridges of nature. The story is about a noble police officer who was assigned to expose South Korea’s largest criminal organization but to do that he himself became the victim of all the murders and lost his family as well. The series was developed by Studio Dragon and written by Do Hyun. Today we will talk about the possibility of Rugal Season 2

Rugal Season 2 Release Date

The finale of Rugal ends with Gi-beom receiving a message from his former Rugal teammates as they located where the Argos were hiding because they were the one who killed Gi-boom’s entire family. According to other updates Rugal Season 2 will be back soon with another interesting plot as of now there is no update about the release date. But, it’s confirmed season 2 is coming.

Rugal Season 2: Release Date, Will this K Drama Release Anytime Soon?

The Storyline

As we know the season 1 was aired in March 2020 which was quite recent. The ending course of the series was upsetting for all of us but they enjoyed fighting scenes though. In season 2 we might get to know will Gi- beom take revenge for his family from the Argos and he will let out his two agents of Rugal from the prison. There are a lot of questions in our minds right now but we will wait till the next season is aired.

The Cast

The most impressive show with such a wonderful cast starring Choi Jin-hyuk, Hye-in Jeong, Jo Dong-hyuk, and others as well.

Rugal Season 2: Release Date, Will this K Drama Release Anytime Soon?

The Trailer

Watch the video to know more about the show in detail. No Official Trailer for Rugal Season 2 is Release Yet!

Rugal Season 1 is available on Crunchyroll and Netflix as well. Those of you who haven’t watched it yet can go and watch it over there.

Until we come back with More Updates about this, till then you can Watch Goblin Slayer Season 2.

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