Ryan Reynolds Confirms ‘ Deadpool 3 ‘ is producing, Big Confirmation In Marvel Studios!!

Many concerned that after swallowing up 20th Century Fox, Disney will cancel the Deadpool franchise can breathe easily. Fox sculpted a decent crop of rivals for Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe movies by greenlighting films that the MCU, like the R-rated Deadpool and Logan, could not do.

Such films were major hits and spawned a new franchise in Deadpool’s case, but Fox’s purchase by Disney threatened the future of the genre of superhero comedy.

Interview Confirmation:

Yet Deadpool creator, producer, and co-writer Ryan Reynolds stated in a live interview with Kelly and Ryan (via ComicBook) that Deadpool 3 is under production at Marvel Studios:

“The whole squad,” one believes, is Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, Reynolds and screenwriters, who wrote several drafts of the first Deadpool in an attempt actually to get the film made and returned to Deadpool 2. What’s up in the air is who will direct Deadpool 3, as Tim Miller, producer of Deadpool, left the sequel over creative differences, and David Leitch at this stage seems to have moved on to a variety of other projects.

Big Confirmation: In Marvel Studios, Ryan Reynolds Confirms ' Deadpool 3 ' is producing!!!

The way Deadpool blends into the MCU is also up in the air, although Disney CEO Bob Iger previously argued that the Deadpool franchise would stay R-rated. The character’s fourth-wall-breaking nature makes it easier for him to fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe than, say, the Wolverine of Hugh Jackman, who would carry with his baggage and the retroactive canonization of all the previous X-Men movies.

Head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige plans to reinvent the X-Men series, and it’s not hard to see Deadpool suit continuity and/or James McAvoy with a single joke poking fun, then move straight to embrace this rebooted X-Men as an MCU core.

More About Deadpool 3:

I’m sure we’ll hear more about Deadpool 3 when Marvel Studios unveils its plans, but for now, Phase Four is about to begin with Black Widow and Eternals entering theaters in 2020 followed by Thor: Love and Thunder and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in 2021 alongside the new Shang-Chi franchise.

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