Seismic: The Leading Global Sales Empowerment Platform

Seismic is the platform that provides support to a customer interaction organisation with the skills, content, tools, and insights they need to delight clints and grow the business. Seismic empower thousands of teams to grow and win. Their success is what makes them the sales enablement leader globally. Founded in 2010

The Capabilities Of The Seismic:-

ENABLE sales teams with the skills, content, and context to win deals and create loyal customers.

IMPROVE efforts based on real performance data across people, content, and process
ENGAGE with clients at the right time and place across all interactions in every channel.
Nearly 2,000 organizations including IBM and American Express have made Seismic their enablement platform of choice. Seismic’s platform gives continuous guidance to improve behavior, content, and skills to win more deals and provide better experiences.

Seismic integrates with business-critical platforms including Microsoft, Salesforce, Google, and many more. Seismic is headquartered in San Diego, with offices across the USA, Europe,etc.

Seismic maximizes Sales and Marketing efficiency of organisation with a single source of truth for discovering compliant content. Contextual content suggestions and personalization are informed by deal factors from CRM. Reps are emphaseing on selling activities by automatically receiving the exact content they need during every stage of the sales cycle.

This surcharge speed to market and empowers sales reps to become trusted advisors while closing bigger deals.

Engagement Center– Create more content that impacts and closes deals faster using recommendations from content engagement analytics.

WorkSpace– Share best practices and close deals faster with collaboration tools that allow reps to increase speed of delivery and impact of messaging.

LiveDocs– Increase engagement with personalized content and surface content to sellers in the platforms, like CRM, where they work

LiveSend/Digital Sales Rooms– Modernize and go beyond email attachments to a sleek, in-browser viewer for buyers to access content.

NewsCenter– Curate and deliver news and information to those that need it most.
Seismic’s mobile-first, cloud-based platform enables field and inside sales reps to swiftly create customized, improve win rates, reduce sales cycles,compliant materials that aim to increase time spent selling, and increase customer satisfaction.

By bringing together cloud architecture, analytics, automated data services, and a user-friendly customer interface, Seismic seeks to change how businesses access, creation, and management of content.