Sing Yesterday For Me Season 2 Release Date Announcement & Story Updates

Sing “yesterday” for me, a Japanese manga series by Kei Toume. The manga serialized in more than one magazine, Business Jump in 1997, and Grand jump in 2011. After getting adopted in as anime the first season came out from April 4 to June 20, 2020. Besides, it is divided and reassembled in eleven volumes. And after the release of season 1 in 2020 fans are waiting for Sing Yesterday For Me Season 2.

Sing Yesterday For Me Season 2 Plot

Doga Kobo studio adapted this as an anime. The central characters are mainly three and there are also some important side characters but the story revolves around these three. The first one is Rikuo Uozumi, an unsure teenager who works at the convenience store and has feelings for  Shinako.

Haru is an eccentric girl working at the milking hall, she adopted a crow which changed her appearance completely. The third one is Shinako Morinome she is Rikuo’s classmate from the college she works as a high school teacher and in love with some other boy from his class.

In the first season, romance is presented with some drama included in the process. The story in this season is just about Rikuo meeting his former girlfriend and classmate with the help of Haru and her pet raven.

Sing Yesterday For Me Season 2 Release Date Announcement & Story Updates

Sing Yesterday For Me Season 2: Official Announcement

As just starting out anime series it has a lot to tell to his viewers and for that the creator Yoshiyuki Fujiwara is working on the sequel despite this pandemic and after the recent premiere of the first season, the renewal may take some time. But the growing popularity of the show can give some interesting results and soon. It has been rated 7.1 by IMDb.

Sing Yesterday For Me Season cast

The second season will be more romantic and full of drama, so most characters will be returning for the sequel. Chikahiro Kobayashi will voice Rikuo Uozumi, Yume Miyamoto will voice Haru Nonaka and Shinako Morinome will be voice by Kana Hanazawa.

Sing Yesterday For Me Season 2 Release Date

The reports that are going around suggest that the recently released anime will have a sequel sooner than anticipated. The season will be out in the spring of 2021 and will have 10 episodes its not final but its most certainly be. Despite the pandemic, the production team is working on the release as for the anime lover it is quite the delight.

Sing Yesterday For Me Trailer

Sing Yesterday For Me Season 2 is available on Crunchyroll. So those who aren’t caught up with the show can watch over there.

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