“Snoop Dogg” Publicly Apologizes To “Gayle King” After Blasting Her “Kobe Bryant” Questions: I ‘Overreacted’

Snoop Dogg apologizes to Gayle King for derogative attack over Kobe Bryant

For a prominent person, it is his/her respect and image, which is very important in their life. Because of it, they create a different image in the mindset of common people and fans. But, if any other person said any bad comment or give statements against them, it could tarnish their image. The same thing happened in this case where a rapper Snoop Dogg said bad abusing things to journalist Gayle King.

The matter started when King took an interview with Lisa Leslie to ask her about friendship with late Kobe Bryant. She asked her about the sexual assault case in 2003 about which was totally being sensitive at this time. Everyone is sad about losing him.

"Snoop Dogg" Publicly Apologizes To Gayle King After Blasting Her Kobe Bryant Questions: I 'Overreacted'

The matter caught fire when the rapper posted a video accusing the journalist, and he addressed her calling abusing words. According to him, she must not tell these things at this time because no one has overcome his death. He told that being herself black, she must understand the pain rather exploiting his image in the eyes of his fans.

Snoop Dogg is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, media personality, entrepreneur, and actor. He recently apologized to Gayle King, an American television personality, author and broadcast journalist for CBS News.

"Snoop Dogg" Publicly Apologizes To Gayle King After Blasting Her Kobe Bryant Questions: I 'Overreacted'

After posting the videos, a lot of criticism took place where both of them were accused of their behavior. Fans responded that he should not use the abusive language, and King should not be asked that question.

Now, the matter has closed because the rapper asked for an apology from her because he was very sad about losing his friend. King also accepted his apology, saying that she understands his raw emotions caused by this tragic loss. I hope to see together in the coming interview without such matters taking place.

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