Solo Leveling Season 2. All Updates Regarding Upcoming Plot & Release Date

When we talk about webtoon, then which one webtoon got stuck in your mind first? Surely Solo Leveling Novel season 1. Written by Chugong, Solo Levelling Novel season 1 is a South Korean fantasy novel. It was published on February 14, 2020, and soon gained immense popularity from the lovely audiences. After the end of season 1 of Solo Leveling Novel season 1 with 110 chapters, every hardcore lover of this webtoon is deadly waiting for season 2. Let’s look upon some of the details regarding its season 2!

Solo Level Season 2: Recap 

The main protagonist of the “Solo Leveling Novel season 1” was a boy Sung Jin-woo who was a hunter. Hunters were those people who have some powers, and they have to develop their hunting skills to protect themselves from the monsters. Sung Jin-Woo and other hunters once got trapped in a threating dungeon, and only a few of them survived. He was considered as the weakest hunter, and he did all his best to become an excellent hunter.

Solo Leveling - Season 2 - Webtoon
Solo Leveling – Season 2 – Webtoon

Solo Level Season 2: Storyline

Season 1 of the “Solo Leveling Novel” ended with 110 chapters, and as soon as season 1 ends, curious fans become excited to get to know about season 2. So, every fan should know that there is no official release date of season 2 of Solo Leveling Novel. Season 2 of this webtoon will surely come but after a break and hence we can’t make any prediction about after how much time, the next season will come. Season 2 will be available on Kakao page magazine as there is no other website where you can read it.

In the upcoming season, fans will get to see how Sung Jin-Woo develop his hunting skills. Season 2 may come up with the plot where the main protagonist tries to manage all the troubles and problems. Even after being labeled as a so-called “weak hunter,” he will try his level best to be the best hunter. Until any official update about season 2, which will continue with chapter 111, fans should keep their fingers crossed. Keeping in mind the popularity of season 1, we can have an idea that season 2 will arrive soon, and fans can enjoy it.



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