Something in the Rain Season 2 Release Date CONFIRMED by Son Ye-Jin

Something in the Rain is a South Korean Romantic Drama, directed by Ahn Pak-seok and produced by Drama House and Content K Studios. The show was broadcast on JTBC from March 30 2018 to May 19 2018, featuring 16 episodes in total. Today, we are going to speculate about Something in the Rain Season 2.

Something in the Rain Season 2 Storyline

The show is centered around the romance between Yoon Jin-Ah, a district supervisor at a coffee franchise called Coffee Bay and Seo Joon-Hee, an animator at video game developer Smilegate Entertainment. There is also a secondary plot about workplace harassment, where Jin-Ah gets harassed by Director Nam. At the penultimate episode, Joon-Hee accepts his offer for The United States and Jin-Ah gets transferred to Seoul, a move designed to shift her away. The show skips when both of the characters are in their 40s. Jin-Ah has married someone of their parent’s choice, a man who doesn’t give her enough attention and Joon-Hee has moved to the U.S. They both end up crossing each other’s paths and end up again with each other at the end.

Something in the Rain Season 2 Official Announcement

The actress Son Ye-Jin said “The drama ended before [the characters] fully developed. It’s so that we can feel for them and grow by watching these sides of them.” She also added that there’s still a lot more left for the series to explore. For instance, do Yoon Jin Ah and Seo Jun Hee get married? If they do, how will Kyung Seon react? when asked about the renewal. So judging by her statements, there is a possibility of a new season happening. But nothing is official as of yet.

Something in the Rain Cast

Something in the Rain Season 2 Release Date CONFIRMED by Son Ye-Jin

The two main leads of the show are played by Son Ye-Jin and Jung Hae-in as Yoon Jin-ah and Seo Joon-Hae. The rest of the cast includes Jang So-Yeon as Seo Kyung-Seon, Wi Ha-Joon as Yoon Seung-Ho, Gil Hae-Yeon as Kim Mi-yeon, Song Jae Ryong as Yoon Sang-Ki, Yoon Jong-Suk as Kim Seung-Chul, Jung Yoo-Jin as Kang Se-Young, Cho Soo-Hyang as Joon Hee’s friend, Joo Min-Kyung as Geum Bo-ra, Lee Joo-Young as Lee Ye-Eun, Lee Hwa- Ryong as Gong Cheol-Goo, Seo Jeong-Yeon as Jung Young-In, Lee Chang-Hoon as Choi Joong-Mo, Park Hyuk- Kwon as Nam Ho-Gyun, Kim Jong Tae as Jo Kyung-Sik, Oh Ryong as Lee Gyu-Min and Jang Won-Hyung as  Kim Dong-Woo.

Something in the Rain Season 2 Release Date

No release date has been announced as of yet. So, we would have to rely on speculation. Our best guess would be somewhere in mid-2022, bearing in mind all the production hassles they have to go through to get a new season.

Something in the Rain Trailer

Something in the Rain is available on Netflix, so those of you who haven’t watched it can go over there and check it out.

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