Something is FISHY between “Machine Gun Kelky” and “Megan Fox”!!! Is their Dating Rumour Confirmed???

Megan Fox is hanging with Machine Gun Kelly amid her marriage as we all know that Megan Fox is married to Brian Austin Green and has three children. Yet their marriage is on shaky ground; earlier, we had come across some instances where we found that it is true that they are not happily married. She married Brian in 2010. And recently Megan, as well as brian, are found without their wedding band in public.

Their relationship does also not have a very nice history. There is a time when Megan had filed a divorce, and it was felt that it is going to be ended, but Megan takes it back and canceled it. Recently both Brian and Megan had made a Red carpet appearance, which suggested that all is going well. During this pandemic, Megan is not living with Brian. But we can assume that it is not the case.

Something is FISHY between "Machine Gun Kelky" and "Megan Fox"!!! Is their Dating Rumour Confirmed???

Recently Megan was found with one of the fine rapper Machine Gun Kelly (MGK). She was found with him in an Auston Martin. They drove back to her home in Calabasas. She was living with MGK during world wide spread Lockdown near LA. They both caught in cameras 14, may when both went to grab some groceries and had some coffee.

While they could just be, friends but it seems suspicious considering that she is currently married to Brian, and it is a well-known fact about their wedding is not a perfect one. Amid this great commotion, any of them had not confirmed anything about their mindset. Brian, Megan, and MGK all are silent and not given confirmation about their future steps while Megan and Machine Gun Kelly are found relaxed during their recent roaming trip together.

We should not conclude anything until any one of them give an official statement or explanation about what is happening in their life. What should their next move?

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