[Spoiler Update] ‘Kathryn Newton’ is Back in The Society Season 2 Release Date & [Leaked] New Cast trailer

The American teen mystery drama is all set to return with a season 2. The fans were left heartbroken with the season one ending, which also left them wondering with so many questions. For people who have not watched the series, it is about a bunch of teens who return from a trip and find out their town is gone! The story is about them surviving it all by themselves and forming a society.

The Society Season 2 Release date 

The first season was out on May 19th, immediately followed by the announcement and renewal of the second season on July 9th.

The exact dates are not out yet, but a May 2020 premiere is expected.

The cast of The Society Season 2

Considering the number of people on the show are already very less, everyone except the dead characters is going to be in the show.

The cast is Kathryn Newton, Jack Mulhern, Sean Berdy, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Jacques Colimon, Olivia DeJonge, Alex Fitzalan, Kristine Froseth, Jose Julián, Toby Wallace, Gideon Adlon, Spencer House, Emilio García-Sánchez, Grace Victoria Cox. Rachel Keller, Seth Meriwether, and Chloe Levine aren’t expected to return because of the death of these characters in the last season.

The plot of The Society Season 2 and Major Storyline

This season we might see the teenagers chalk up a plan towards survival in the rough times. In the last season, we saw that new land was found by Grizz. They still have a chance to survive.

In this season, will we see more of what attacked the children and where it came from, there are going to be a lot of revelations this season. We will also see the political scenario of the town changing as Campbell, Harry, and Lexie have total control over the town.

The society season 2 is about to release on Netflix this may.

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