‘Star Trek’ actor Robert Walker Jr Actor DEAD at 79, Cause of Death Still a MYSTERY

‘Star Trek’ star and Son of Famous Hollywood actor Robert Walker Jr died on Friday afternoon on December 6, his wife Dawn Walker reported.

Robert Walker Jr starred in many films in the many films from the early 60s to the late 80s crediting himself with numerous movies and TV shows. He is most remembered for playing the role of twitchy, the title character in “Charlie X,” the 2nd episode of Star Trek’s pioneering Season 1 in 1966.

Born on 15 April 1940, Robert Walker Jr Walker was raised in Queens. He was born just a year after his father Robert Walker and his mother Jennifer Jones got married. His father is most notable as Alfred Hitchcock’s off-kilter killer in his 1951 movie “Strangers on a Train” along with his mother Jennifer Jones who was an academy Award-winner from The Song of Bernadette. Unfortunately, their marriage ended just 5 years and they got separated in 1945. His mother later married Gone with the Wind and Rebecca producer David O. Selznick, the Hollywood titan who produced which helped kind of a starting point in Hollywood.'Star Trek' actor Robert Walker Jr Actor DEAD at 79, Cause of Death Still a MSYTERY

In a statement made by his wife Dawn Walker she says, “Bob always beat to his own drum and stayed true to himself in all of his endeavors. Although an accomplished actor, his true art was living fully. He was a photographer, drummer, raconteur and gallery owner.

She added, ” His love of the ocean kept him in Malibu, and he had great tales of his adventures paddling to Catalina from there. Bob [also] had a constant interest in developing his internal martial arts practice.”

Robert Walker Jr was 79 when he died.


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