Steve Harvey is PISSED!!! at Lori Harvey after she was ARRESTED!!! for HIT & RUN Case

Steve Harvey, the famous comedian, is furious over his stepdaughter Lori Harvey, as she involved herself in the Hit and Run case on October 2, Sunday. Moreover, after the incident, she flees away from the scene. The incident report then received by the Beverly Hills Police Department, and a complaint was lodged accordingly. 

 Lori Harvey, who is just 23 years old, is convicted of having hit a vehicle in an unoccupied parking area in Los Angeles. This incident occurred on October 2 on Sunday night. Soon after the event, the police department of Beverly Hills reached the place of occurrence, after the lodging of the complaint. Harvey was driving a sedan when she hit a vehicle parked in the parking on Moreno Drive, Los Angeles. 

 Lori Harvey created another fuss by fleeing away from the scene of the collision. Lori got identified as the driver of the car by a witness named Elisabeth Albanese, present at the time of her fleeing. Steve Harvey went furious and shocked after getting the notice about the incident Lori got involved in. 

Fortunately, Harvey couldn’t run away a long distance, as she got grabbed down by the cops. After smashing the car, she walked down the street innocently but was not able to run out a long distance when the police arrested her in the middle of the night just after the incident. 

 Lori carelessly drove down the streets. She concentrated much on texting while driving, which caused this severe incident. The accident was intense, but it was very fortunate that no one was hurt. Instead, it caused severe damage to the property, as her G-Wagon got flipped crashing to the ground.

Lori got arrested by the Beverly Hills police causing misdemeanors. Harvey caused troubled during her arrest by delaying the work of the officers along resisting them for her arrest. The incident was severe, but it did not cause any harm to anyone. 

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