Steve Harvey is still ANGRY!!! at Lori Harvey after her PREGNANCY Confirmation with Future’s baby

The Internet has gone wild with rumors of the 23-year-old model, Lori Harvey, pregnant with the high-profile rapper, Future’s baby.

The 36-year-old rapper, who recently mentioned Lori Harvey’s name in his latest song “Accepting my flaws,” has not yet confirmed the pregnancy. In fact, the rumored couple hasn’t even established dating yet.

It all began when the fans of the model spotted a sonogram picture in one of her Instagram stories and took it to be hers. There are chances that it belongs to her sister-Morgan Hawthorn, though, who recently announced Lori Harvey pregnancy the second time.

Lori Harvey Birthday

According to MTO news, when Lori Harvey was allegedly spotted at the rap star’s 36th birthday, she was found doing away with alcohol and consuming only water.

Social media seems quite unhappy with this word on the street, though. People on Twitter have been tweeting about how they wish the news to be a hoax.

Lori Harvey and rapper Future

The rapper has already had a string of romance attached to his name, with lawsuits filed by women claiming him to be the father of their children. He has a number of children with different women. According to reports, Lori Harvey will be his eleventh child.


The host of the show, Family Feud, Steve Harvey, who is Lori Harvey’s step-father, has held his tongue in this matter and not said much.

Lori and Harvey
Urban Islandz

A Mother’s Warning

A video has recently turned a lot of heads, highlighting a mother-daughter conversation. Although uploaded years ago, the video shows Lori Harvey’s mother reprimanding her daughter for dating rappers and athletes in particular. The popular rapper, P. Diggy, was also linked to her name in the past.

Whether or not this buzz holds any truth is unknown. But we are sure to find out the answer sons. Stay tuned to find out more!

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