The A List Season 2 CONFIRMED for NETFLIX as BBC Pulls Out, Expected Release Date, Plot & More

The A List Season 2 Renewed on Netflix, Release Date, Plot Theory

The A-List, a teenage drama, was launched in October 2018 and has attracted many fans. Hence, they are eagerly waiting and demanding sooner release of its season 2. Netflix first started this series in collaboration with the BBC. But now after BBC being dropped away, Netflix is coming with A-List season 2 lately by 2020. The co-creator of show Nina Metivier has also confirmed the same. There were 13 episodes in season 1, so we can expect almost the same number of episodes in season 2.

At the releasing time of season 1, executive producer of the show Anne Brogan said, “We planned 3 seasons from the beginning and just like other American teenager drama when the casts are fantastic, and you are genuinely in its psychology in between, the more it will seem appealing. It is a story that revolves around a teenager Mia who gets stuck in a creepy summer camp at a remote island.

The A List Season 2 CONFIRMED for NETFLIX as BBC Pulls Out, Expected Release Date, Plot & More

When new camper Amber arrived, her plan to become Queen Bee fades off, and her lousy time started at camp. Season 1 was full of friendship, romance, betrayal, and dark secrets. This series has got inspiration from the series like ‘Stranger Things.’ Still, they don’t have copied the concept as explained by the executive producer, “We are not copying, we are only looking for some references to add some twists in our story.”

It is a teen psychodrama that is addictive, i.e., the series has already struck global viewers. For season 3, we can expect about showing the profound mystery surrounding Mia as the previous season ended on the note of Amber giving her last surprise.

There will be returning of most of all the primary cast of this series as per our expectations, including-Lisa Ambalavanar plays the character of Mia, Ellie Duckles aa Amber, Savannah Baker as Kayleigh. Cian Barry as Dave. Eleanor Bennett as Jenna. Jacob Dudman as Dev. Benjamin Nugent as Harry. Rosie Dwyer as Alex and Jack Kane as Zac. And some new faces will also be seen in this season. But there are no official announcements made yet so, and we should wait until season 2 releases.


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