The Doors of Stone: ‘The King Killer Chronicle’, THIRD BOOK is COMING SOON.Read Below All You Need to Know

Popular Fantasy series ‘The Doors of Stone’ by Author Patrick Rothfuss, is finally bringing good news for fans of web-series. It will be having its final book in this year.

This is going to be expected as the conclusion to the blockbuster series, The KingKiller Chronicles. The Doors of stone is going to be the final book of the Triplets of KingKiller.

The first book titled The Name of the Wind published in 2007 and it was quite a hit and listed in New York Times Bestseller.

The captivating storyline also managed to get a successful report card from the critics as well.

The second book titled The Wiseman’s Fear published in 2011. This book also received a huge amount of positive reviews.

Both books managed to sell around somewhere more than 10 million copies all over the globe and that as a hardcover book, the audiobooks and eBooks as well purchased in recent times.

The Doors of Stone Poster
The Doors of Stone Poster

This success and the storyline obviously made the fans more eager for the third book.

The Doors of Stone Plot Details

The third part is going to pick up the story of Kvothe’s life from where the second book left it out.

It will be going to cover the third and final day of the story covering Kvothe’s story and ‘arc’ which started in the first book.

It can also show the reasons why Kvothe’s life lead and how more traveling could be witnessed.

Stay tuned for more updates related to this final part of this trilogy of KingKiller.

The Doors of Stone - Poster
The Doors of Stone – Poster

The Doors of Stone Release Date

A release date has not been confirmed yet, nor any hints been given the author.

Though there has been some guessing related to release date running in the market we can’t say if it is true or just another rumor.

The rumor of the release of The Doors of Stone is somewhere around August 2020.

This isn’t any official release date being announced yet so all we can do is do the guesswork now.

The fans are waiting for the final book from around 8 to 9 years and will wait a little bit more for the final part.



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