Kingkiller Chronicle’s Doors of Stone is Finally Here & Patrick Rothfuss have a Release Date for us

The doors of stone are the third novel of The Kingkiller Chronicle series written by American author Patrick Rothfuss. It belongs to the genre of fantasy and is similar to the writing style of George R. R. Martin. According to many, this will be the final book of the series. However, the author who has been at it since 2011 has asked us not to believe any rumors until the book is finally available in the market.


The story will most likely commence from where its prequel, The Wise Man’s Fear, left it. It will cover the story of Temerant, just like the previous part covers the story of Kvothe after the ending of that of arc.

Moreover, the upcoming novel, doors of stone will cover the third day’s story as related to Chronicler. At the beginning of the process, Rothfuss admitted that he was not very fond of the title given and wished for it to be a little shorter.

Doors of Stone Release Date

Though no official doors of stone release date has been revealed yet, there were some rumors regarding it that do not hold much credibility.

If we, however, go according to the news leak, the readers will have access to it by this year’s month of August. In one of the podcasts, Rothfuss claimed that the book has been making good progress.

Moreover, there was also news that said that it should have been released last year, but the process got delayed. At this moment, considering the global lockdown due to the widespread Coronavirus pandemic, it will not be a surprise of we witness an even greater delay in the book’s release.

The beautiful manuscript of Doors of Stone (from r/fantasy)
by u/bsrg in KingkillerChronicle



Online sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Book Depositaries¬†started the book’s pre-booking in the month of August last year (2019). That provision is right now on hold due to the rules of social distancing where these sites are only focussing on delivering essential items to households.


Patrick Rothfuss is an American author best known for his trilogy: The Kingkiller Chronicle, for which he has also received many awards, including the Quill Award in 2007 for its first part. Moreover, the second part of the series topped the Newyork Times Best Seller List.

It seems like we still have a few months before getting to read the third party. Till then, why not re-read the first and the second parts again?

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