Katie Holmes is SECRETLY PREGNANT!!!! But Who is the FATHER??!!! Jamie Foxx or Tom Cruise

Actress Katie Holmes expectant about a newborn soon…

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise:

None of us are unaware of the famous actress Katie Holmes. She has been popular excessively as a fashion diva and an amazing actress. The glamorous model is also the ex-wife of the famous actor Tom Cruise. Many of us also know that the ex-couple has a beautiful daughter named Suri, who now stays with her mother.

Expected new Born:

Lately, news of her pregnancy has been a source of great concern for her fans. Before, all the buzz was considered to be rumors, and people were going gaga about it. Lately, it has been confirmed after the actress shared her photograph with pregnancy stretch marks making her fans even more proud of her natural attitude towards life.

She stated in her photograph that there is nothing to hide about, and her body is her pride, and she is not ashamed of it. She also became a huge source of admiration for youngsters when she spread the message of being real and being yourself.

Facts confirming her pregnancy:

Sources have also stated that Katie always wanted her daughter to have a sibling and that she had decided it long back. This also made facts clear about the baby. Rumors never leave the limelight, so now the sole concern of rumors have been about whose baby it is.

Is it the child of Jamie Foxx?

Many sources state that maybe this is the child of Jamie Foxx as Katie has had Six years of extremely private relationships. The relationship has been a concern of extreme privacy throughout the industry. Last year, the two walked together in Met Gala, which caught the eyes of many. These made facts somewhat clear that maybe it’s the child of the two of them. But it’s been a year since they had a break-up and so it’s still not clear.

Katie and Jamie not together:

It’s confirmed that the two have no more connection after Jamie Fox announced about Sela Valve as his new girlfriend. Some sources also say that Katie and Jamie had never been together.

So facts are more cloudy… As for now, we can just wait for new facts to come up. And Katie to give birth to a cute little newborn.

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