The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 20: What Will Happen After Earthquake ???? Everyone’s On ALERT!!! Read To Know More

The Good Doctor first came on screens in the year 2017, the series based on a Korean Drama, which got a remake in the American television. 

The story revolves around a doctor who joined a hospital in San Jose. The doctor acquires special abilities and skills in treating patients. Unfortunately, his co-workers deny socializing with him. They instead start to use his skills and the way he uses to treat patients. 

The first season got renowned in the screens and the websites. The series got the critics lauded. Every single bit of the show was able to portray the circumstances which one faces in the hospital. 

The first season released fifty-four episodes and even won many awards for the best actors. 

The Good Doctors - Poster
The Good Doctors – Poster

The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 20 Premiere

Episode 20 scheduled for its release on 30 March on ABC. Due to the pandemic around the world, all the shows have been in a halt. No production or the Shootings are going on. The entertainment channels and production houses are closed until time. 

‘I Love You’ the title for episode 20, goes around the epidemic which has stricken San Jose. All the staffs and doctors are on high alert as the earthquake happens. Shaun and Lea’s relationship is taking some turns in the story, along with the problems occurring to Shaun is getting abnormal.

The previous episode talks about Lea getting to know about how Shaun feels for her. Lea heard the conversation going on between Shaun and Vera. Later, due to an aftershock, the pipeline breaks, and the water starts filling the enclosed area trapping Shaun and Vera. Everything gets revealed in episode 20. 

The Good Doctors - Scene
The Good Doctors – Scene

The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 20: Where to Watch?

The viewers can watch The Good Doctors episode 20on online streaming sites and apps. Direct TV, Hulu With Live TV, or YouTube TV are the sites where the viewers can get their subscription and watch it online. Amazon Prime is also available to get in touch with the episode. 


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