The [Leaked] Design Patent for the Sony’s “PlayStation 5” Is it Legitimate or Fake???

As the gamers across the world are highly anticipating the release of the new PlayStation 5, supposedly leaked information is floating around the internet on a daily basis.

The leaked information of the PlayStation 5 is about its design patent. An anonymous tip has been sent to the about the design patent. The image message has been sent to the 4Chan first. 4Chan notions itself as the ocean of rumors, by luck sometimes, legitimate leaked information flows in too.

CNN has released the information it has received. They have clearly stated the images that they have released may or may not be true.

We are unable to confirm the identity of the anonymous tipster who contacted us, but their opinion is that the designs are indeed legitimate.

The [Leaked] Design Patent for the Sony's "PlayStation 5" Is it Legitimate or Fake???

As such, we can’t confirm the legitimacy of the images, nor do we recommend viewing them as representative of Sony’s final design plans for the PlayStation 5. We recommend skepticism and a sizable dollop of salt.

The body of the PlayStation 5 has many weird resemblances to its previous model. This is raising questions on the legitimacy of the model design information. The main body of the fifth version is the same as that of the fourth one. The only changes are in the parallelogram shape, and the top and bottom halves are openly slanted.

The model also places the side vents, Power eject buttons, and the disc drive is similar to that of the previous model. The Sony Company had done a PlayStation logo reveal at CES 2020 earlier this month. From that, we can understand the company has various varieties of plans up in its sleeves for the future generation.

Regardless of the legitimacy of the design patent, all these rumors are hyping up the anticipation for the fifth version even more than ever before.

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