The Letdown Season 2 Review: Was it Able to Live up to the Success of Season 1

The Letdown series was directed by Sarah Scheller, first screened on the ABC in 2016. This show mainly comprises of situations that a woman faces of being a mother without the support of family members and how she handles her baby on her own and her husband’s career ambitions, insomnia, etc. This show is full of comedy-drama and is quite enjoying as its storyline beautifully engages its audience towards them. ‘The letdown’ series reached its peak among its separate fan base, just like other series on Netflix of “working moms.”

Slice of season 1-

It is a well-written comedy-drama based on the scary and uncommon experiences of early motherhood as the story revolves around the culture-shocked mom Audrey (Alison Bell) who finds herself submerged in the situation two months after she delivers her baby. She joins a mom’s support group and begins to talk with the fellow parents who are themselves not perfect in handling their babies, and this is how this show faces the reality of today’s generation and ranked its own different fan base.

Slice of season 2-

In the upcoming season 2, “The letdown” series focuses on the new parent journey to dealing with new challenges as being parents living in different cities, workload, daycare schedules, and moving here and there. Both Audrey and Jeremy feel that they have overcome that crowd, and now they will lead a normal and stable life, but that is something that doesn’t happen. This season is a complete package of entertainment and comedy with realistic experiences of motherhood. The official release date of ‘the letdown’ on Netflix is 31st July 2019, but it is already released on 29th May 2019, on Australia’s ABC.

Sarah Scheller won the AACTA Award for Best Screenplay in Television for ABC comedy Showroom on The Star on 7th December 2016 in Sydney, Australia. Very often, TV shows give us an unrealistic depiction of early motherhood, either glossing over its challenges of ignoring them altogether. The letdown is so refreshing because it gives a raw respectful glimpse into this life-altering experience in all of its glory. Early motherhood is hard but can also be hilarious, inspiring, and beautiful.

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