The OA Season 3: Will there be OA Season 3 on Netflix? Brit Marling Expected To Make a Comeback. Everything You Need to Know

The OA series is a whole package we can say, it not only consists of one genre, but it consists of multiple Genres like Mystery, Drama, Science Fiction, Supernatural, Fantasy.

The OA series are available on Netflix. There are two seasons released so far, where each season consists of 8 episodes each—the first season released on December 16, 2016—the second season released on March 22, 2019. The OA series really has a separate fan base who loves to see it. And not only it got a good response from the audience but also from critics as well.

The First Season average about 77% and Second Season average about 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is quite good. Especially the Second Season of OA got a great response from the audiences and critics as well.

The OA Season 3 Plot

There isn’t still any news related to the OA Season 3 Plot, but we can say that it will continue where the OA Season 2 ended.

So until then, stay tuned for more updates.

The OA Season 3 Coming Soon
The OA Season 3 Coming Soon

The OA Season 3 Cast

If the production solves all problems or if any other platform decides to broadcast the season, we would expect Brit Marling to be returned as Prairie Johnson alongside Jason Isaacs as Hunter Aloysius “Hap” Percy and Kingsley Ben-Adir to be seen as Karim Washington.

Other than these, all different casts are still going to be a mystery. All we can hope that they will keep us entertained as it did in previous seasons.

The OA Season 3 - Protagonist
The OA Season 3 – Protagonist

The OA Season 3 Release Date

It is quite natural that after the tremendous success of the Second season audience is eagerly waiting for the Third Season, which is quite obvious.

As per the big question, Will there be season 3 of OA? I would like to inform you happily that yes, there will be OA season 3.

But there is also bad news the third season won’t be anytime soon because recently it has been stopped due to some misunderstanding between production. So only we can hope it again start quickly.

About the Release Date, there haven’t been still any updates related to that.

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