The ‘SECRET’ CURE for Coronavirus UK PM Boris Johnson used!! Are they Hidind Something?? Here’s the Truth

The novel Coronavirus is the worst health condition that prevailed after the 1918 influenza pandemic. The virus has left everyone in great shock and threat, with above 3.1 million registered positive cases and above 227 thousand deaths. Recently Prime minister Boris Johnson was tested Corona positive on March 26. He was taken to St. Thomas hospital in Central London after ten days when he was tested positive; he was in the intensive care unit from April 6 to April 9.

As the Corona cases and deaths were rising day by day in the UK, the health of Mr. Johnson was also a great issue at that time, but the wishes of the people and great efforts by the medical staff made it possible very soon. He left the hospital on April 13, 2020, after recovering from Corona. After being discharged, he was advised to stay in Chequers, the residence of the British Prime minister. The government was taking care of the UK and trying to ease down the lockdown restrictions.

Britain’s death count is rising too much rapidly as it has jumped over 26,000 recorded death by Coronavirus with above 165 thousand of positive registered cases. Not only hospital registered cases but also unidentified and unreported deaths due to Coronavirus is rising.

On the advice of the medical staff, PM Boris was not working for some time, but he gets back to his work by this Monday, delivering a speech to the nation. He thanked all the NHS workers for their great work towards him and all other Corona survivors. On the other hand, his fiancée Carrie Symonds gave birth to a baby boy at London hospital. Both mother and child are healthy, as confirmed by Downing Street. His wife had mild symptoms, but she recovered from that very soon and swiftly.

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