The Turmoil of Friendship and Love, “FOUR MORE SHORTS PLEASE! SEASON 2” is Coming Soon!!! Release Date and More.

The out of life tale of four inseparable and personally very different friends for life has offered us gallons of emotion throughout the series.  The series is one of many Indian web series attempts to instigate the feeling of women empowerment and independence through a modernized version of feminism.

The story in season one began with a very cheerful note with all four of our female leads’ are introduced with jists of their personal lives and the separate struggle each of them goes through while maintaining their profession and friendship at the same time. We see the four characters Umang, Damini, Anjana, and Siddhi, are very much okay with what their life has got them t while trying to improve their experience at every point.

The story further gets entangled with the love and sexual lives of all these characters, which gets profoundly complicated as we move forward in the stories. The series highlighted many tabooed Indian ideologies like bisexuality, single mother, and body-shaming while keeping the mood of its audience light and emotional in alternative episodes. While the show ended up at cliff hangers not one but four each in the four main leads, then hinting the high possibility of a comeback, the audience has been waiting for the return for almost one year now.

The Turmoil of Friendship and Love, "FOUR MORE SHORTS PLEASE! SEASON 2" is Coming Soon!!! Release Date and More.

Enriched with Darshan Raval’s melodious voice last season which left a mark in its audience mind for its courageous approach towards the Indian audience the season 2 of the show is expected to come back with another set of dauntless episodes is confirmed by the Amazon prime India. At the same time, the official dates of the release are yet to be announced.

While the audience waits in anticipation, veteran actor Sameer Kochhar has joined the cast on their newly developed storyline. With excitement at its peak, we can hope that the show hit the shelves as soon as possible, and we all can enjoy another emotionally power-packed performance of the four actresses. Let’s wait to see what happens.

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