KSI vs Jake Paul is HAPPENING after KSI calling Jake Paul RACIST!!!!!!! ?? All You Need to Know

KSI is the YouTuber, Rapper, Actor, and Professional Boxer. His first Amateur fight was against British YouTuber Joe Weller, and KSI won the match. Second, the Amateur fight was against Logan Paul. And that fight ended majorly in Draw. Professional Rematch against Logan Paul and in that KSI did win.

Jake Paul is none other than the Younger brother of Logan Paul. Jake Paul is the YouTuber, Actor, and Musician. He did fight in a boxing match against KSI younger brother Deji and win the match.

Can the Fight Between KSI and Jake Paul Happen?

There are possibilities that there will be a fight between KSI and Jake Paul. Earlier, Logan Paul indicated that he is interested in the rematch, but KSI rejected it. KSI did say that if Jake Paul is able to beat Gib, then he can fight with me.

And since we all know Jake Paul did manage to beat Gib. And now he is aiming to fight against KSI. Jake Paul wants to fight against KSI and win in order to clear his brother’s name of being lost in the fight.

Where can the Fight between KSI and Jake Paul Happen?

KSI has fought in Manchester, London, and Los Angeles. While Jake Paul has fought in London and Miami, that will most likely be decided by the Matchroom boxing event. So, we can’t say anything where the fight can take place, but these were the likely places where it can be possible.

When can the Fight between KSI and Jake Paul Happen?

We can’t say that when this fight between KSI and Jake Paul can Happen. There are possibilities that can happen in late 2020 or early 2021. The fans are waiting. They do want to see the fight between KSI and Jake Paul, but for now, fans had to just wait because there isn’t any confirm date related to this fight yet.

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