‘This is Us’ Star ‘Chris Sullivan’s NEW BABY COMING SOON!!! Gender Announcement also on the way

Sullivan, Number 3. Yes, Sullivan family is growing from 2 to 3 members, very soon. Chris Sullivan, the cast of “This Is Us,” and his wife Rachel is pregnant. They are going to have a baby. You must be wondering how this news is reaching the world. No worries, we’ll help you know everything about this news.

Chris Sullivan, 39, has just announced that they’re are pregnant, via his official Instagram account @sullivangrams. In his 368th Instagram post, he has written, “WE’RE HAVING OUR FIRST BABY! And we just found out the sex. Swipe through for the gender reveal! @therealrachelsullivan“.

The featured image of this post is the result of the sonography test. One thing that has made this post viral and hilarious is not only the news of the baby coming but the swiped pictures, as Chris mentioned in his post. Rachel also made the following post, almost immediately, validating Chris’s post.

On swiping right, pictures contain images of penis lool-a-like pictures of different things. Banana, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Penis shaped boulder, pareidolia cloud formations of penis shape, same shaped cactus and rock. Before we take you to a tour of Comments and Congratulations wishes, if you do not already know who Chris Sullivan is, let’s learn about him a little.

Chris Sullivan and his wife Rachael are native from California. He is an American TV actor, who is currently an actor in NBC drama “This Is Us.” He acting in this show has already bagged him Primetime Emmy Award for best supporting actor in 2019.

'This is Us' Star 'Chris Sullivan's NEW BABY COMING SOON!!! Gender Announcement also on the way

It seems like Chris is so excited about the boy. Thus, he wanted the world to share an equal amount of immense happiness. That’s why he crafted the post hilariously. And he succeeded, he is right. There are comments from all over the world to congratulate the couple.

Matthew Morrison commented, ” That is the best reveal I’ve seen! Wow!! Congrats on your baby girl!!”. There are more than 3000 comments already.

Herald Journalism also wishes Chris & Rachael Sullivan, Congratulations! And, All the best for all loud cryings and sleepless nights! 

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