This is why Pete Davidson “PROUD” of DATING new Girlfriend “Kaia Gerber”

Pete Davidson is feeling proud to date with Kaia Gerber. The comedian is pretty severe for his new girlfriend, Kaia Gerber. The comedian wants to take this relationship as long that he indirectly indicated that he wanted to marry Kaia Gerber.

He said that Kaia Gerber is `someone special, and he doesn’t want to leave her anyway. He is serious with the 18-year-old model and looks forward to the future with her. The 26-year-old comedian and the model Kaia Gerber caught at Miami on November 23, are heating up fast. We heard many things from Pete Davidson about his blossoming romance.

This is why Pete Davidson "PROUD" of DATING new Girlfriend "Kaia Gerber"

Pete Davidson seems to be proud of dating Kaia Gerber. He added that she is his dream girl. “He’s in awe of how beautiful she is, and he loves how funny she is. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and is a tomboy. Kaia’s also very sweet to him — encouraging and supportive”. Pete Davidson feels that he has hit the jackpot that is Kaia Gerber.

He is a guy who commits everything, and when commits, he means it. He can ring the wedding bells with Kaia Gerber. He has feelings for Kaia Gerber, and his heart is filled with love for Kaia Gerber.

Rumors are also spreading that the couple is planning to live together with each other.

We hope that they may stay together and get married soon. THeir heats may get filled with a sense of togetherness and love.

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