‘Thor 4’ will have female Thor? ‘Christian Bale’ will feature in the “Thor: Love And Thunder”!!!

The Thor movie series is clearly an appreciated one. The fourth part of the movie series, Thor: Love and Thunder are right around the corner. For this movie, Christian Bale has also joined the talks of being the cast.

All the three-movie series based on the son of Odin were blockbuster hits. Thor is an American movie series. It is based on the ever-green marvel comics. The movie is produced by Marvel Studios. It is distributed by Paramount Pictures. The first movie had collected a whopping $449.3 million. While the second movie, Thor: The Dark World, collected $644.8 million preceding its predecessor with a majority. The most recent movie, Thor: Ragnarok, had earned over $854 million from all over the world.

'Thor 4' will have female Thor? 'Christian Bale' will feature in the "Thor: Love And Thunder"!!!

The confirmed cast for the fourth movie includes Chris Hemsworth as Thor. Tom Hiddleston as Loki. Natalie Portman as Jane Foster. She will be playing the role of the main love interest of Thor. Mark Ruffalo as Professor Hulk. Tessa Thompson, as Valkyrie, is part of the expected cast returning for the third sequel.

Christian Bale is also highly rumored to join the cast of the movie. Although the robe of the role he is adorning is Beta Ray Bill. Christian Bale is famously known for his movies like The Dark Knight. Terminator Salvation. The Dark Knight Rises. American Hustle. Exodus: Gods and Kings and many other brilliant movies. The news of his casting in the movie is a pleasant surprise for all of us. We all are keeping our fingers crossed for an affirmative nod about the rumors.

Another big twist in the plot of the movie is that we are going to get a female Thor! Yes, Jane Foster (the female lead) will feature as the Lady Thor. Also, the storyline will border on the LGBTQ theme.`

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