‘Thor Love and Thunder’: ‘Christian Bale’ Confirmed as Beta Ray Bill alongwith Chris Hemsworth’ & ‘Natalie Portman’

It hasn’t been even a decade that Christian bale wrapped up his time in the DC universe. Our very own Batman, The Dark Knight star Bale is all set to join the MCU universe.

Bale is to join MCU via Thor: Love and Thunder. Should the deal close, it would be Bale’s first big franchise movie since his final performance as Bruce Wayne/Batman in 2012’s “The Dark Knight Rises.”

The Plot and Cast :

Thor: Love and thunder were officially announced last year at San Diego’s comic con last year. Chris Hemsworth will obviously return as Thor. We’ve learned that Tessa Thompson and Natalie Portman will reprise Valkyrie and Jane Foster, respectively. Also, Waititi will be back playing the role of the lovable Korg.

No plot details for Thor: Love and Thunder have been revealed yet, including any new characters. So for now, it’s anyone’s guess who Christian Bale could play if he signs on.

What role will Bale play?

It’s still not clear what Bale will play if the speculations actually turn out to be true. There is one strong contender, though. At the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con,  Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige revealed that Portman’s Jane Foster would take up Thor’s hammer Mjolnir in “Love and Thunder,” and take up the persona of the Mighty Thor-like she did in a recent comic book storyline.

If the comic is followed, Cul and Foster will end up battling. Hence Cul could be a strong Villain for the upcoming movie. Bale might be just the right man for the role.

Marvel has not made any comments on this topic yet, and neither has Christian bale himself. Thor: Love and Thunder are all set to hit the screens on 5th November 2021. We hope to get a confirmation soon.

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