Thor Love and Thunder: Christian Bale will be STRONGER than Thanos, Tessa Thompson Confirms

The never-ending series of marvel is coming up with the new movie, the fourth part of Thor. Thor Love and Thunder will make Christian Bale the Villain. To extend the Chris Hemsworth MCU Franchise, Marvel studios introduced the writer-director Taika Waititi. 

After the grand success of Thor Ragnarock, the Marvel Universe made some official announcements for the next phase of Thor.

Recently a subtle confirmation came of the villain in the movie. Christian Bale will be playing the Villain in Thor Love and Thunder. Tessa Thompson made a confirmation about his role. 


Thor Love and Thunder will witness the return of Chris Hemsworth, Thompson as Valkyrie, and Natalie Portman as Jane Foster and also the come back of our mighty Thor. Christian Bale with his evil ideas. The identity character of the villain is still not confirmed.

The movie will get the direction by the oscar-winning director Taika Waititi. It is the most-awaited and anticipated film among the Thor series. 


During the reveal of the actor’s role in the film, most of the fans doubted that Bale would be playing the villain in the movie. In an interview, Tessa Thompson also declared the role of Christian Bale, unfortunately enough that the fans have to wait a little longer to know the secret of the character.

The production of the movie will not start soon. It is likely to start at the end of this year. Till then, the fans have to wait to know more about the characters. Until the production starts, there will not be any pictures of the characters or related to the movie.

Thompson will also not mention any such information about the film in future interviews. Some facts will get over social media; recently, the fans can keep updated by reading the particulars. The exciting part of the movie is that Bale will make a return with a completely new character.

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