Tinytask 1.77 download for Windows! Best automation software

Tinytask Software download below! Suppose you do tasks repeatedly in your machine. And want automation in the performance of repeated activity so that you can relax. You have to train your machine. Also, your device needs to have high-end specs. But what about those who don’t own a high-end specs computer. Worry not we’ve got your covered. You can train your machine even if you have low specifications on your device. With the help of this software, you can prepare your desktop to do almost any regular activities that you’re in the day to day life.

Tinytask 1.77 download for Windows! Best automation software

Vista-software Pvt Ltd. creates this software, And it is available in the market for absolutely free.

Feature of Tinytask

Tinytask is a Lightweight software nearly about 333 kb. Due to its small size, this software can run smoothly on devices having low-level specifications.

A primary focus of this software is to record your typical day to day activities which you want Tinytask to do on behalf of you and perform them continuously every day until you want Tinytask to stop.

Just like Iron Man stores his different assistants in different cards. With the help of Tinytask, you not only can record your activities. But also you can save them as individual programs, by which you can execute them whenever you want. Isn’t it cool?

Salient features: Tinytask

Tinytask is made in such a way that it’s UI is minimal; it has only six options through which anyone can learn how to use this software. You can run multiple actions at once instead of running each one manually. You have to press the record button and perform what you want it to do, after that press the record button again to stop recording. To complete the task, you have to click the play button, and that’s it. Tinytask will automatically perform what you recorded.

How to Download Tinytask

Go to our telegram channel and directly download the software from there

How to use: Tinytask

  1. The user interface of this software is pretty simple. Without a manual, you can learn how to use it.
  2. Open Tinytask software from your desktop.
  3. At the top right corner, there will be six options from there click on record option.
  4. Perform the task that you want to be automated and after the job is finished, click on the record button again to stop the recording.
  5. After that, click on play to perform the task recorded by you.
  6. To automate the task, click on exe button and voila your job is automated.

Specification of Tinytask software

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  • OS:

    Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP

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  • User rating:

    8/10   (2234 votes)

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