Tom Cruise filming new ACTION MOVIE in SPACE!!! with SpaceX and NASA?? All You Need to Know

Tom Cruise is a very famous actor and producer. He did play the role of Ethan Hunt in the very famous Mission: Impossible series. He also did action movies like Minority Report, Jack Reacher, Edge of Tomorrow. Tom Cruise is one of the most successful Hollywood stars.

What NASA Said About Working with Tom Cruise?

NASA’s Administrator none other than Jim Bridenstine did break the news on his twitter account that NASA is going to work with the famous actor Tom Cruise to film the first-ever movie that is being shot in the space. The exact details about this movie and project didn’t declare yet. But Jim Bridenstine did say that this film will take place on none other than the International Space Station.

What SpaceX said about this?

There are some rumors that there are the possibilities that Tom Cruise can be working with SpaceX in order to Shoot film. But NASA and SpaceX didn’t confirm any news like that. SpaceX did announce that they will be going to launch Spacecraft on May 27, with two crew on board. But when Jim Bridenstine did tweet CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk, do tweet in response that It should be a lot of fun.

What to Expect about the role of Tom Cruise?

Jim Bridenstine didn’t clear how Tom Cruise will be participating in this thrilling adventure, but there are some rumors that Tom Cruise will be launched into space and going to stay on none other than the International Space Station. Yes, in the past, we already did Tom Cruise doing dangerous stunts in the Mission: Impossible series. He even did break his ankle once during the shooting of Mission: Impossible – Fallout. But what we can say Tom Cruise is one of those actors who are famous for their impressive performance in the action stunts.

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