Top Gun: Maverick To Release In 2020. Read All Plot, Cast & Release Details About The Sequel [Spoiler Included]

If you are a fan of the 1986 action drama film, Top Gun, we have some good news for you. Your decade’s long wait is soon going to end as the sequel of Top Gun is coming soon, and we even have a release date!!!

Top Gun 1 was released on May 16, 1986, and the cast comprised famous actors like Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, and Adrian Pasdar.  The film was praised by the critics for its action, acting, and direction. The movie was a huge success, and as a result, it made a box office collection of US$356 million. A 3D version of the film was released in 2013, and now, a sequel is confirmed.

Here is everything you should know about the upcoming movie.

Top Gun: Upcoming Sequel Name

The confirmed title of the sequel of Top Gun is TOP GUN: MAVERICK. The movie is being directed by Joseph Kosinski. He even won the award for Directorial Debut (2010) for the movie Tron: Legacy.

Top Gun: Maverick: Expected Plot

The events of Top Gun: Maverick will be set 30 years after the first movie and will revolve around Pete Mitchell [Tome Cruise], former Navy aviator. Now, in order to train a new team of graduates for a dangerous mission, he needs to make peace with his past. If the demons of his past are not confronted, the mission can turn out to be fatal.


Top Gun-Maverick: Release Date

The development of Top Gun: Maverick started in 2010. The official shooting of the film began in 2018 and was wrapped up in 2019.

The film was scheduled to release in July 2019, but the date of release was shifted numerous times. The final date was set to be June 26, 2020, but was once again changed on April 2, 2020, because of the on-going pandemic situation.

Now, the final release date for Top Gun: Maverick is [drum rolls please]  December 23, 2020.

Check out the official trailer of Top Gun: Maverick.

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