Transformers Franchise may be rebooted and Bumblebee may have a sequel as 2 new Transformers movie is announced.

Fans may soon get to hear 3 Magical Words, “Autobots Roll Out” as Paramount Confirms the Development of the Script of 2 new Transformer films.

The transformer franchise rolled out its first movie back in 2007 and became a runaway success. Subsequent movies performed well at the box-office and soon became the franchise became a fan-favorite. The franchise, however, lost its appeal after the poor performance of the Transformer: The Last Knight released in 2017.

Paramount, however, did not shelve the project rather decided to make a spin-off movie based on young and energetic Autobot Bumblebee. The tone was very different from previous Transformers movies of the Micheal Bay era. Critics found this refreshing, and Bumblebee was successful in impressing the critics.

Yet Bumblebee’s collection at Box Office was lowest among Transformers film released earlier. The movie gave the production house a push to continue developing the world of Transformers.

2 New Transformers Franchise Movies Announced in 2020.

Details about the new movies are scarce right now, but Producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura confirmed that Optimus Prime would feature in at least two transformer films. It is being reported that out of the two films, one will serve as a sequel to Bumblebee made on a low budget, and the other one will be a reboot.

There have been contradictory reports about the reboots with some media houses reporting that it will be set sometime after the events of Transformer: The Last Knight, while others are reporting that the new film will completely erase the Micheal Bay era films. New reboot will be set in the ’80s with Megatron as the main villain.

Transformers Franchise may be rebooted and Bumblebee may have a sequel as 2 new Transformers movie is announced.

Details Sketchy

The screenplay of one film is being developed by James Vanderbilt, and that of the other one is being developed by Joby Harold. Details about both the films are hazy, and at this point, nothing could be said with certainty. But the news of two new Transformers movies is enough to get fans excited.

New Look and Tone

It will be very interesting to see how and what tone will the new directors and scriptwriters will develop for our favorite characters.

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