Uncontrollably Fond Season 2 Release Date and Production Updates

Uncontrollably Fond Season 2 release date is not announced yet, therefore we could only speculate when the next season of the series is going to return. Fans are very excited about the series and are eagerly waiting.



Uncontrollably Fond Season 2 is an upcoming South Korean Television Series by Samhwa Networks and directed by Park Hyun-Suk and Cha Young-Hoon. Season 1 of the show was aired on KBS2 from July 6 2016 to September 8, 2016. The show proved to be immensely popular with Bae Suzy winning the Best Star Award and in China it was viewed more than 4 Billion times, making it the most popular on its platform Youku. The show aired 20 episodes in total.

Uncontrollably Fond Season 2 Release Date

Since no official announcements have been made regarding the series and specifically Uncontrollably Fond Season 2, the release date is not confirmed yet. We will just have to wait for official information from the production team about the show.

Uncontrollably Fond Season 2 Release Date Countdown


About Uncontrollably Fond

The show revolves around the couple, Shin Joon-Young and Noh Eul, who are childhood lovers, but later got separated, and got reunited in their adult life later on. The show ends leaving all the fans heartbroken, as Shin Joon Young dies of a brain tumor in the hands of Noh Eul, but before dying he exposes Jung Eun as the killer of Noh Eul’s father and admits that he himself tried to kill her at one point.

Uncontrollably Fond Season 2 Official Announcement

While the show was popular internationally, it wasn’t popular in the local Korean market, thereby putting doubts on the second season. There has been no official announcement so far. There were rumors that KBS is searching for new cast members for Season 2, but According to FX News Call,  Kim Woo Bin and Suzy Bae are not willing to return for a new season. So there is a 50-50 chance of a new season happening.

If somehow the show gets announced, we would guess that the show would be released somewhere around early 2024 to mid-2024. There have been no reports of any filming taking place, and even if the plans for a new season have been confirmed behind the scenes, the filming could only take place once the COVID-19 pandemic ends. So, taking all that into consideration, we would say it would come somewhere during the 2024 calendar year.

Uncontrollably Fond Cast

As already said, the two main characters are not keen on returning for Uncontrollably Fond Season 2. So that casts a shadow of doubt on the return of Kim Woo-Bin as Shin Joon-Young and Bae Suzy as Noh Eul. While for the rest of the cast it depends on whether the cast member is busy with something or not, as already said the show didn’t do well on the local market, so many of the stars wouldn’t see it worthwhile to come back for Season 2. So, who is going to come back is all up in the air.

  • Kim Woo-bin as Shin Joon-young
  • Bae Suzy as Noh Eul
  • Lim Ju-hwan as Choi Ji-tae (alias Lee Hyeon-woo)
  • Lim Ju-eun as Yoon Jeong-eun

Kim Woo Bin and Bae Suzy May Not Be Returning for Uncontrollably Fond Season 2

Since Uncontrollably Fond Season 1 ending hinted at the death of Shin Joon Young, played by Kim Woo Bin, it may be safe to expect that he won’t be returning for Season 2. There was also the issue of chemistry between the 2 main leads of the series, Kim Woo Bin and Bae Suzy. Fans complained that there was a lack of chemistry between Kim Woo Bin and Bae Suzy. They also blamed season 1’s decreasing rating on Bae Suzy for “bad acting.” And therefore Bae Suzy has also hinted that she is not very keen on returning for Season 2. Because of this, we might see new faces in the lead of the second season of the series.

Uncontrollably Fond Trailer

Uncontrollably Fond is available on Netflix for some regions and on Viu. So those who haven’t watched the show can go over there and check it out. And it is also safe to assume that when Season 2 of Uncontrollably Fond will release, it will be available to watch on Netflix and Viu.

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