Upcoming Netflix Movie “Red Notice” starring ‘Dwayne Johnson’ shuts production temporarily due to ‘Corona Virus’

Corona Virus halts the production of several Netflix shows and Hollywood Projects.

The world is facing a new challenge, and every Industry is doing its bit to make the world a safer place. The latest Industry to join in is the film industry. Streaming giant Netflix has stopped production of several of its shows, such as Stranger Things, Russian Doll, among others. Other cable networks have temporarily stopped production.

The cast of Red Notice

Netflix’s film action-comedy film Red Notice has also stopped production.  The film features Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds in leading roles. The movie has scenes from various places all over the world. Recently, the movie moved its production to Atlanta, Georgia.

What did Dwayne Johnson say?

Lead actor Dwayne Johnson posted a video on his Instagram feed. In the video, he can be seen addressing the crew, informing them about two-week hiatus due to Corona Virus. The cast and crew will be paid during the two-week hiatus. The actor said

Upcoming Netflix Movie “Red Notice” starring 'Dwayne Johnson' shuts production temporarily due to 'Corona Virus'

“I really appreciate all your hard work and your patience during this time, but my number one goal for your guys, and it’s our number one goal too, is that we’re going to get everyone home to their families,” he said. “This is the kind of stuff that can wait. The most important thing is to take care of our families.”

The Plot of Red Notice

Red Notice is an art-heist film. Dwayne Johnson portrays an Interpol agent who has been given a special assignment to capture the most notorious and most wanted art thief of the world. Furthermore, Dwayne is reuniting with writer-director Rawson Marshall. Marshall and Dwayne have previously worked together in Central Intelligence and Skyscraper. In addition to that actor is reuniting with the producer of Skyscraper for the new movie Red Notice.

When Will “Red Notice” Release Date

Production House has not revealed the Official Release Date of the movie yet, but there there is bound to be some delay due to production halting.

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