Update: 51 Confirmed Dead & 2000+ Injured in Albania Earthquake, Death Toll Expected to Rise

Albania: The Albania earthquake rescue and search operation have been finally ended, and the information has been announced. The total death caused in the Albania earthquake has been reached to 51 people, and it is assumed t

hat no more dead bodies are left in the ruin area.

There are more than 1,456 buildings in the capital of Tirana and 900 in nearby Durres in Tuesday’s earthquake. The earthquake caused significant destructions and was 6.4 magnitude.

2,000 people got injured, and 4,000 people are homeless. Out of 4,000 people, 2,500 people have been provided shelters at hotels. The rest of the homeless people are moved to eastern Albania and Kosovo.

The president of Albania has promised to provide stronger homes to all the homeless people till 2020.

The government has also revealed that they will take strict action against the constructors and architects who have violated the construction laws will be behind bars for 15 years.

All the destructed houses have been under assessment to caught the guilty behind the exploitation.

The actors who belong to Albania are also appealing to the public to come up with help for the homeless peoples. Dua Lipa, Rita Ora, and Bebe Rexha are requesting from their social media handles.

Ritu Ora also said that she will help in constructions a home for a homeless family and will directly contribute towards the family as much as she can.

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