[Update] Cable Girls Season 6: Blanca Suárez Maggie Civantos & the Gang are back, When is the Release Date? Cast & Other updates

Welcome the cable girls…

So this is supposedly the last season of the cable girls season 6. This series is running on Netflix since 2017. This show is about a group of girls residing in Madrid in the 20th century, settled in their job as a switchboard in a telecommunication company as it first opened its headquarters in their city, given the symbol of freedom and equality.

Cable Girls Season 6 Story So Far

End of season 4 was shown as September 1931, which was a rough year for the girls, there was a new regime installed in Madrid but the heartbreaking and difficult time was the death of the angels, the girls at that time chose new paths for their own good and looked hopeful.

Spain, afterward with great efforts, broke free to get equality. This civil war became a curse to the freedom, and the rights acquired with such hard work vanquished. The girls were thrown out of their jobs, given away to be tied in the ropes of the society again.

Even though they went their different ways, they were destined to intersect in their journey. Now, as we wait for season 5, the questions that come across include what will be the next step of these girls?

Cable Girls Season 6 Release Date

For updates on the season 5, no official trailer has been released yet, but the season will be divided into two parts, of which the first half will be released on February 14th, 2020, and the second half will be releasing anytime soon after.

So being a feminist even if all of the people ignore it, I am definitely going to watch this season just to get the answers on how did these girls maintained themselves after going through all of this and how their confidence drove them to the place they will be in the season 5

Did they give up, or did they do what was best for them?

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