[Update] Dracula Season 2 is coming with Claes Bang & Fans are getting crazy every second: Release Date, Cast & Everything you need to know

Is someone looking at me?

Knock knock…who’s there?

Dracula…..You’re Resurrected!!!


The series, which is the synonym for the resurrection is back, for the people concerned about the wrong English, it’s justified as all the characters in this series only die to be reborn.

The series is based on the novel Dracula by Bram stoker. Season 1 of this series premiered in January 2020, and the rumors are, the second season will release in 2021. Claes bang as Count Dracula and Dolly wells playing the sister Agatha.

The series is related to the novel somehow but takes a hard turn from some points, maintaining the twists and turns. The “Dark compass” in the season 1 finale helped in finding that the Dracula was alive for 123 years under the sea and waked up in the UK to find the identical twin Zoe, who is the in charge of a foundation dedicated with the trapping of draculas.

Meanwhile, Zoe and Agatha get to the point where they get to know the weaknesses of Dracula. a Dracula needs to be invited into a residence to enter. Sunlight makes them vulnerable; their fear of death makes them the most frightened and vulnerable in front of the people.

The Dracula scared to face his death alone, being the victim of the cowardness he feels while his ancestors had died on the battlefield, and he had lived.

The cross for a Dracula is a bane not because it’s a purified proof of god’s existence but because it represented the courage of Jesus Christ when he had to die for the sake of mankind.

Dracula being the creation of sherlock creators was made in 3, 90-minute episodes airing on BBC one before coming on Netflix. There can’t be any limits or stoppers when you’re dealing with the villain itself.

I myself have been a great fan of these vampires, Dracula and witch stories. I would highly recommend watching this series before any new series comes up, and you’re engaged with that because Netflix is overflowed with the choices of them.

Until then, Hasta La Vista…hope to see all of you soon.

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