[Update] Dracula Season 2 on BBC and Netflix? Is there a possibility? Claes Bang’s Reprising his Role? Release Date & More News

It is unsure whether the BBC’S favorite vampire will come back. Dracula season 2 is tricky. Depending on how you want to look at it, count Dracula is either blessed or cursed with immortality. Fans are waiting to sink their teeth into a second season; however, the producers are rather unsure if they need to resurrect Dracula just yet.

The first three episodes of Dracula started airing on New Year’s Day, and we haven’t heard of them since. Given that there are no updates regarding the next season, it is best to assume that the show will not be making a return until 2021 at the earliest.

It is almost certain that the sex symbol, Claes Bang, who won overall our hearts, will thankfully return. With sister Agatha and her descendants perished at the season finale, Dolly Wells could still return as another member of the bloodline. It is less probable for john Heffernan to return as Jonathan Harker.

Safely assuming that Dracula returns from the grave, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if Mark Gattis reappears in a cameo role.

What might happen in Dracula season 2?

The end of the last episode felt complete, bringing the Van Hesling family story to a full circle. After discovering Count’s fear of dying, doctor Hesling dropped to the floor, before she was taken by cancer raging through her body, Dracula dipped her teeth into the poisonous blood, which ended up killing them both in a surprisingly romantic way. Although, we never saw both of them die, which leaves enough room for a plot for the second season.

Dracula Season 2 Release Date

If the BBC decides to come back for a second season, perhaps both of them could still be alive or be born anew.


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