Log Horizon Season 3: Release Date and Everything about it!

Anime is a craze nowadays, and even I have found it in my place too. People are like talking about it, its visual quality, and many more. I was kind of amazed to hear it from the people around me. Coming to anime, we have a new update about the next season of a very popular web series, on which people always have an eye on. This is none other than The Log Horizon. We are back with new updates about Log Horizon Season 3.

Before that, I would like to put my words on the point that all the web shows were on edge to put a stop due to coronavirus, which has its impact on the globe. But surely we will fight together and will get rid of it.

Log Horizon Season 3 Release date:

The show makers haven’t announced yet, but we are sure that Season 3 is going to release its next season in October 2020.

Log Horizon Season 3: Release Date and Everything about it!

The Plot of Log Horizon Season 3

This series came in 2014, becoming another popular series in Japan. It is based on a novel written by Mamare Touno and illustrated by Kazuhiro Hara. It was published by Kadokawa Future Publishing Enterbrain. In English, it got published at the Yen Press. It is composed by Shinji.

Log Horizon Season 3 is titled after the 12 Volume of the webcomic. The series starts with Shiroe and the players in the MMORPG- Elder Tale, a game. The characters who get into it are an attraction. Their dress-up to their everything has become a craze for people to watch, and of course, the visual animation quality is the best to see it.

The Expectations

So we will have to wait for more updates to come because less has been disclosed until now. Nevertheless, we can say that after 1 episode, the season will extend to some other level. We may also get surprised by a beast named Tenwazawi. Log Horizon Season 3 coming soon?

The Trailer


So do watch this season. There is a lot more to disclose.

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