[Update] When is Castlevania Season 3 Coming to Netflix? New Trailer, [Leaked] Release Date & more News

Castlevania Season 3, maybe an upcoming thunder

GAMES, the most exciting and entertaining thing in today’s world, which fascinates most of the young minds. There are many games that highly attract today’s youth, and Castlevania is one of them. If anyone starts playing this game, they can’t leave without finishing it. The interesting fact is that if there is a movie being made upon it, it will be the icing on the cake.

In today’s world, people love to watch animated series, and they also start to expect more episodes than earlier. Castlevania’  are  American adult animated web television series based on the video game series of the same, named as Konami. The genre it covers is dark fantasy, action, adventure, horror anime, etc.

This show offers a perfect blend of violence, scariness, and darkness. After getting a good response from the gamers and adventure lovers in the first two seasons, now the third season is coming out. As per the different investigatory firms, the release of it expected to be in the next coming month, that is, March.

By the end of the season2, Dracula had murdered himself, freeing the land from his dark influence and thus concluding the plot of Castlevania3: Dracula’s Curse.

The official image that came out has explained to us that the whole cast has assembled, including Hector and Isaac.

The most interesting part of the poster, which came out, was the presence of the Oldman dressed fashionably holding a mysterious gem. This character has not yet appeared in the previous seasons, so there is a doubt that this can be St. Germain, who followed humanity’s battle against Dracula.

This coming season of Castlevania will be the longest one being of 10 episodes as opposed to last season’s 8 episodes. The writer and executive producer Warren Ellis has confirmed that this series has the largest budget till date among all seasons, and this season will reveal new characters.

The main target of this season is to impress the fans again with a mysterious plot offering suspense, thrill, action, and adventure. This season is eagerly being awaited by its fans, and hopes are there that this season will be an answer to many questions to the viewers.

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