[Update] When is OA Season 3 coming to Netflix? What is the Release Date?!! Jason Isaac claims that the plot of season 3 is amazing and is disheartened at the news!!!!

The OA is a mysterious drama containing the elements of Science fiction and fantasy aired on Netflix created by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij. Jill Footiick and Ashley Zalta are the producers of the series.

The series consists of two seasons with eight episodes each.  The series was initially released on December 16, 2016, following its second release on March 22, 2019.

The OA season 3 Release Date

It was initially said that the launch of the third installment got canceled, Netflix can never cancel a show. After the launch of season 1, there was a breach of more than two years for the launch of season 2.

So it was tough for the audience to anticipate the release of season 3. In an interview, it was told that the series is mapped for five seasons, and there will be three more seasons after the launch of season 2. Jason Isaac admitted that season two was really crazy, but after hearing to the script of season 3, he said that the plot is jaw-dropping.

Marling says that it took years to write the script of season 1, and it’s now tough for the third installment being the lead actor and lead writer. Netflix officially stated that the show is canceled and appreciates Marling and Zal for the amazing work done & stated that they would like to see them back again in this or any other.

Jason is not just sad for the fans but also for him as he was about to steal the show and was excited to work after hearing the script.

Though the news is disappointing, it is also good at times because a few things in the show could not have happened or should have ended!!!

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