‘Upload Season 2’ Going to be back on Amazon Prime Video?? Everything you need to know.

Upload is the series which includes genre like Comedy, Science fiction, Satire, and Drama. So far, 1 season has been released. It was being aired on Amazon Prime Video. It was aired on May 1, 2020. Season 1 has 10 episodes. This season was able to get an 81% rating from Rotten Tomatoes.

When Upload Season 2 can be Released?

Good news for fans; there will be Upload Season 2. After the release of season 1, Upload was being renewed for season 2. There isn’t an exact release date announced yet, but we can expect it to be released in 2021.

'Upload Season 2' Going to be back on Amazon Prime Video?? Everything you need to know.

The Cast of Upload Season 2

Robbie Amell can be back as Nathan Brown. Andy Allo is expected to be back as Nora Antony.

Allegra Edwards can be seen as Ingrid Kannerman. Zainab Johnson can reappear as Aleesha.

Kevin Bigley is expected to be seen as Luke. We can expect some more cast to be back from the first season and expect some new faces in the cast.

What to Expect from Upload Season 2?

We did see in the last episode of upload season 1 that Nathan wakes up with his missing memories being restored. And in one of the images shows that Ingrid’s father was the person who was interested in buying the software of Nathan and Jamie. But they make a deal with Josh Pitzer and his small company. Nathan finds out that he had betrayed his friend and also a business partner by selling the code to Ingrid’s father.

So, season 1 was full of ups and downs and ended with a lot of questions. In season 2, we can expect that we will get the answer who was the true culprit behind the death of Nathan the possible evidence guide us towards Ingrid’s dad. We can expect that in season 2, there will be more involvement of Nathan and Nora’s love life.

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