Apple is Planning to Launch “Apple Watch 6”?? When will “iWatch 6” gonna be Release???

Apple Watch 6 Release Date

It has been like the trend of Apple to announce the watch in September. We can expect it to be announced in September 2020. But due to this coronavirus obstacle, the release date can be delated.

How Much Apple Watch 6 will Cost?

The current Apple Watch 5 costs $399 with only for GPS Model while GPS + Cellular variation costs around $499. So, we can expect that Apple Watch 6 will probably cost at least the same as Apple Watch 5 may be more than Apple Watch 5.

Apple is Planning to Launch "Apple Watch 6"?? When will "iWatch 6" gonna be Release???

Which Features to Expect in Apple Watch 6?

We can expect that Apple Watch 6 will be having good Battery life. Because Apple Watch 5 has worse battery life than Apple Watch 4 but behind that worse battery life there was one reason the feature of always on-screen. So, we can expect that Apple Watch 6 at least has the same battery backup as per Apple Watch 4.

We all know that fitness is one of the main essential things since the launch of the Apple Watches. So, we can expect that the fitness feature will be upgraded in this Apple Watch 6. It can include an inbuilt guide for workouts like jogging, yoga, and cycling.

Now one feature that everyone wanted to be included in the Apple Watches but it hasn’t been included yet and that is sleep tracking. So, we can expect that in the Apple Watch 6 this feature may be included.

Apple Watch 5 was having sometimes complication during the syncing things like songs or podcasts. So, in Apple Watch 6 we can expect that the complication will be nowhere to found and it will give the best performance.

There can be a new feature to be seen in Apple Watch 6 nothing for sure but we can expect that it could be able to track the mental health of the user. Stay tuned for more updates.

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