‘WandaVision’ will Showcase the TRUE POWER!!! of ‘Elizabeth Olsen’ aka ‘Scarlet Witch’

The more about WandaVision Marvel speaks, the stranger it sounds. And that’s just how it probably loves Kevin Feige, Marvel’s chief creative officer, and Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) creator.

Although Feige is seen as the wunderkind with the golden touch for superhero films, WandaVision poses a danger, not just because of its loopy blend of superhero stereotypes and iconography of the 50s. Like one thing, Feige’s baby is this particular series. And he says it’s going to show Wanda being Scarlet Witch for another.

Screen Rant says Feige spoke about the shows at CCXP in Brazil at Marvel / Disney+. He said that WandaVision would transform Wanda the Scarlet Witch. And fans might think rightly: “Wait a minute, I thought she was already Scarlet Witch?

Oh, yeah, no, yes. Notice; however, the movies rarely call her that if ever. Typically she’s just referred to as Wanda.

Wanda sprang from the X-Men in the comics and began as a villain, with Magneto reportedly being the father of Wanda and Quicksilver, one of the few, if not the only, characters to appear in both the Disney and Fox superhero movies.

Wanda’s Version:

All in all, Wanda’s version of the MCU mainly appeared in Avengers movies, with a brief reference to Captain America’s end credits scene: the Winter Soldier. She was consumed in a mission with guilt, where she tried to redirect an explosion in Nigeria and accidentally kill people. That challenged the entire team.

Vision died in the ensuing fights with Thanos, and Wanda was caught in the snap, but when she returned to Avengers, she almost took Thanos herself out: Endgame.
‘WandaVision’ will show a version of this iconic character fans that have never been seen before.

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