Welven Da Great DEAD: Death Hoax Explained

Welven Da Great DEAD is JUST A RUMOR. He is NOT DEAD. Welven Da Great was amid an internet HOAX that claimed he had died but the rumors are false.

Sometimes the internet is quite a creepy place with unwanted and false rumors that makes millions of people worry. A new rumor is floating on the internet claiming that popular internet sensation, Welven Da Great has died.

This isn’t the first time that the Deez Nutz guy death rumors surfaced online. Last year in July, several users on Twitter shared the news that Welven has died and many followed with condolences.

Who is Welven Da Great aka Deez Nutz Guy?

Welven Da Great is popularly known as the Deez Nutz guy on the internet. His real name is Welven Harris, and he has been a popular subject for memes online. Harris gained online popularity for the first time in 2015.

He posted a video featuring himself where he called his dad and joked about Deez Nutz, which went on to become synonym for his name. Harris joked to his father about how Deez Nutz had arrived at the mailbox.

It immediately developed into an image as individuals subbed Welven’s voice yelling “deez nutz” into different entertaining circumstances.


Because of reasons most popular to the web divine beings, the Deez Nutz fellow has been exposed to different demise deception bits of hearsay. Last July, one of these bits of gossip built-up forward momentum on the web, with numerous people sharing sympathies.

In any case, it was before long exposed when a companion of Welven’s said he’d addressed him the other day.

The most recent gossip occurred after somebody calling themselves Muscle Bound presented a video on YouTube, which seemed to show a picture of Welven Da Great lying oblivious.

The video then showed pictures of Welven on transport and meandering the roads peering out for the count. The individual doing the recording proposed that it was a disgrace that he had all the earmarks of being destitute, and they asserted Welven’s administration probably exploited him.

A few different recordings have shown up on YouTube lately, which recommended that the Deez Nutz fellow is destitute and is living in the city.

The phrase became an overnight sensation among meme lovers and creators worldwide. Deez Nutz memes are still fresh and many meme lovers use them in 2021 as well. Also, several people have been using the phrase in various humorous situations.

Last year, Welven was the subject of several death hoaxes and images surfaced online hinting that the comedian has died.

Is Welven Da Great DEAD?

Welven Da Great DEAD is JUST A RUMOR. He is NOT DEAD. Welven Da Great was amid an internet HOAX that claimed he had died but the rumors are false. The rumor was debunked not long after it started spreading.

People and Welven’s fans were quick to point out that the news about his death was just a rumor. He was seen clicking pictures with his fans and also his social media is quite active.

Welven Da Great DEAD? Rumor Origin

A viral video on the internet shows Welven the Great lying unconscious on the streets of downtown Los Angeles. The video was uploaded by someone called Muscle Bound on YouTube, claiming the comedian is now homeless and lying unconscious on the street.

This video made several people on the internet believe that the Deez Nutz guy has died. But, this is not the case, and he is not dead.

Welven Da Great Dead and Hoax Explained

These death rumors are fake and a bunch of hoaxes, Welven has not died. But the bullies of the internet have been constantly targeting and killing Welven Da Great with fake death rumors.


Welven’s cousin appeared in the video with Welven and told the viewers to leave him alone and stop bullying him. She told that Welven has a family, and they are taking good care of the comedian.

Welven Da Great’s Social Media

Welven Da Great has a huge online presence with over 112,000 followers on his Instagram account. He has met with popular celebrities like DJ Khalid and Amber Rose, which photos can be found on his official Instagram account.

Welven also has a youtube channel with over 151 thousand subscribers.

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