Flash Season 6 Episode 18: What’s Happening??? Are The Flash and Pied Piper Rivals?? Get Complete Details Of Episode 17 & 18

In the 16th episode of Flash Season 6 we did see how Iris is being acclimated to the mirror world she reveals this news to none other than Eva that her husband is the famous Flash she did also mentioned that who might be able to save them if they can communicate with him.

Eva directs mirror Iris to make sure that Barry loses his speed. Simultaneously Carver hires Rag Doll to kill Joe. Mirror Iris is much furious that Barry failed to protect Joe. Mirror Iris and Barry had the worst fight we have ever seen.

The Mirror Iris is a demon we can say and the way she is treating Barry that’s heartbreaking, and Barry is just dealing with it without doing anything. Barry doesn’t know that it’s not actually his wife; he just thinks that the feeling of Iris changed towards him.

In the 17th episode of Flash Season 6, we did see how Barry is starting to be convinced that Mirror Iris is not his wife. Mirror Iris gives Eva the blood and hurts more a much weak Barry. During this whole battle, Iris taunts Eva that she still loves Carver, just like how Iris and Barry love each other.

This sends some sense in Eva’s mind, and she impairs Mirror Iris. Soon Barry recovers, and he and Iris promise to never give up on each other. So, the 16th and 17th episodes were both like a rollercoaster ride.

Release Date of Flash Season 6 Episode 18

Episode 18 is being titled “Pay The Piper.” The release date of Flash Season 6 Episode number 18 is May 5, 2020.

Episode 19 is titled “Success is Assured.” There are no updates related to that episode yet.

Flash Season 6 Cast

Grant Gustin will be seen as Barry Allen. Candice Patton is expected to be seen as Iris West-Allen. Danielle Panabaker can be seen as Caitlin Snow. Carlos Valdes can reappear as Cisco Roman. We can see may cast be back from previous seasons and also expect some new faces in a guest appearance.

What to Expect from Flash Season 6 Episode 18?

The famous Godspeed can be returned in this episode, Barry tries to find some help, but it becomes the hazard when he realizes that The Flash and Pied Piper are now rivals. So far, this is expected to happen in the latest episode.

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