Preacher Season 5 is Coming AMC Confirms, Release Date, Cast, Plot and More.

Developed by Sam Catlin, Evan Goldberg, and Seth Rogen for AMC, PREACHER, is an American drama, black comedy television series. This series is based on the comic book series named same as Preacher, which is created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon and is published by DC Comic’s Vertigo imprint. Now after the end of Season 4 fans are demanding AMC release Preacher Season 5.

The show had shown a decline in its viewers and ratings from last season. Season 4 of Preacher averaged a 0.12 rating with 5,32,000 viewers, which shows a decline of 52% and 38%, respectively. The cable, AMC has announced the fourth season, which was aired on September 29, 2019, as the finale of the series.

Release Date Updates: Preacher Season 5

The producers, directors, and even the cast of the series gave signs that there will be no season 5 of the show and since season 4 is the last and the final one. This is because of the falling ratings and viewers of the show. Season 1 and 2 were very strong that the number of bowers was around 1 million, but as the story came to Season 4, the viewers counting of the show declined to half a million, which is a major reason for the cancellation of the next season.

One more factor for the cancellation of the show is that certainly Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg left from Sony to Lionsgate after the announcement that season 4 will be the finale of the series.  However, there is no official statement made regarding this, but the chances are turning towards the cancellation.

We will keep you updated as soon as any official announcement is made.

Cast: Preacher

Following are some main members of the family of TV series PREACHER:

  • Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer
  • Ruth Negga as Tulip
  • Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy
  • Ian Colletti as Eugene Root
  • Graham McTavish as The Cowboy

Trailer: Preacher Season 5

You can watch Preacher Season 1 to Season 4 on AMC.

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