When is Sex Education Season 3 returning with Asa Butterfield? Plot Prediction & What to Expect from the Next Season

Though the second season has just released, filming for the third season of Sex Education is soon to begin.

Is the series officially renewed?
 Netflix hasn’t officially confirmed renewal for Sex Education. But by all accounts, it looks like the third season will be on the way shortly. The popularity of Sex Education is enormous.
What to expect?

We learned a lot about Otis and the colorful characters of Moordale Secondary School, and they also learned a lot about themselves in the process.

"Sex Education, season 3", Filming to begin Soon!!!

Will Otis and Maeve find love?

The Ross and Rachel of Sex Education, Otis, and Maeve both love each other, but timing and other factors have seen the pair yet to become an item. The third season will also continue.

With the voice mail deleted, Maeve won’t know Otis’ true feelings. Also, She has shown interest in Issac, who is threatened by Otis. He will likely make life hard for Otis in his pursuit of Maeve in season 3.

"Sex Education, season 3", Filming to begin Soon!!!

Will Otis still be the Sex Kid?

Though  Otis and Maeve made a lot of money offering sexual advice. But, when Otis’ mother found out, she was furious. It’s hard to see if Otis will continue, especially if Jean returns to the school as a counselor or teacher for sex education.

Jean is pregnant

It turns out Jean wasn’t going through menopause after all. She is pregnant! Jean and Jakob still have a lot to work out, with the former only just realizing her feelings. Throw a baby into the mix, and everything only becomes more complicated. It’s unclear what Jean plans to do, but Otis, in nine months, could be a big brother.

So, a lot is coming up in season three. We will update as soon as we get a  confirmed release date.

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