Why ‘Selena Gomez’ be in Toxic Relationships?? How she Battled Health Issues Even in her Bad Time!!!

Selena Gomez’s love: UPS AND DOWNS

Every person wants to be loved, but some circumstances stop them from doing so. There are many different situations faced by celebrities, also where they were not able to maintain their relationship.

Some apart because of time and space while some apart due to their different thoughts. One of the actresses, Selena Gomez, has also faced many situations in her life, whether it be her career or relationship. She has not been in a relationship with one guy but various. She tried to give every possible chance in each case, but every time, it didn’t work.

Born on July 22, 1992, she is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and television producer. She also appeared in children’s series Barney & Friends and Wizards of Waverly Place. She appeared in many movies also like “Monte Carlo,” “Another Cinderella Story,” “The dead don’t die,” etc.

Why 'Selena Gomez' be in Toxic Relationships?? How she Battled Health Issues Even in her Bad Time!!!

In this time, she dated Nick Jonas in 2008 but separated in 2010. Then she dated Justin Bieber. Their love was all over the internet because they were usually seen together in most of the events.

They also got separated in 2012 but reconciled in few weeks but again split up in 2013. This was all an on-off type relationship. After all these, they finally split in 2018.

She also dated The Weekend in 2017 and started living together in September in New York but broke in October only. In the list, there are many names whom she dated, like Elf Bae Orlando, Niall Horan, Samuel Krost, Charlie Puth, etc. The list may go on and on, but we can only wait.

Currently, she is single for two years as she told everyone through her Instagram that she is not dating anyone and is on God’s timing.

The interesting part of her relationship status is that she is usually seen with her ex-boyfriends or friend-zoned one, which creates lots of confusion about whether she is again with them. I hope she will be successful in finding her love of life.

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