God of War 5: Developers Confirms, Kratos WILL DIE!!! in the final game, Release Date & More Updates

Gaming is the passion, and every gamer would love high-end graphics, tremendous resolution, high-speed action the same as God of war 5, and characteristics ultimately.

In 2018, the ( God of War ) game came out also god of war 5 coming soon, and it breaks lots of incredible records. Even this game was released only for the PS4 platform, but still, it breaks most of the records.

So the Big bang news is yes, there is season 5 which almost ready to release, and this news is also confirmed by the franchise of the game.

Let’s see some more unusual facts or complete survey on this-


God of War 5 Release Date

The news about the final release is yet to come, and the parent company sony interactive didn’t release any official information regarding this. According to sources, the game is under advancement mode right now. So we have to wait a little bit for this amazing god fighting game. But gamers will surely play this same in the upcoming future.

If we look at the history of making this game, the God of War PS4 had to take 4 to 5 years for making, but as of now, we can suppose that this advanced part of the game will not take a lot of time for making.

God of War 5: Is there any news about karts end?

In every game, there is a most cherished player. In God Of War 5, He is Kartos. Many rumors and fake stories are floating around the gaming world that Kartos will die in this upcoming sequence.

As of now, there is no official or valid data is available. So basically, Kartos is the main role in this marvelous game. This game is based on his experiences as well. And if they kill the lead role, what will next? And as the production house confirmed that maybe there would be more season then what?

So it seems hard to assume that he will die or not, but as we know, he is a most loved character. Without him, there are no more ways available. And you should know that there are thousands of people who buy this PlayStation system only to play this game, So you can assume the love fo this God of war 5.

We will know this all only when the final date will out, then maybe the story will also be revealed. Ultimately we have to wait.

God of War 5: What about the New Weapons?

We don’t have lots of information because there are lots of things that are yet to uncover. We can just assume for now. Some new tools or weapons will obviously come in this new season. The powers and group strategies will be extremely powerful in this season.

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